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A5 Forest people - Stargazer (Green)

A5 Forest people - Stargazer (Green)

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This linocut is part of a series of linocuts called “Forest People” it is created with the dream that I can inspire you to see the nature through the eyes of your inner child.

Some of the greatest memories I have from my childhood take place in nature. I remember one time my dad and I were following the hidden paths of the forest animals. Suddenly we stood in this magical little clearing in the forest. The light was like glittery gold. The ground covered in the greenest moss I have ever seen. The trees were whispering in the wind. And the air was full of magical tales from a hidden world which we were just gifted a little glimpse into.  

Dimensions: A5 (15 x 21cm)

Linoleum prints printed on handmade quality paper

All prints are made by hand, and therefore there may be slight variations in the print itself.

The work is shown in an A4 oak frame incl. passepartout with hole 19x14cm.
Frame incl. passepartout can be purchased under: Art>Frames / Frames 

Note: The colours may vary from screen to screen


Linoleumstryk trykt på håndlavet kvalitetspapir

Alle tryk er fremstillet i hånden, og derfor kan der forekomme små variationer i selve trykket.

Sælges uden ramme.

Obs. Farvegengivelse kan variere fra skærm til skærm

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