Art inspired by Scandinavian nature

Paper Embroidery


Short about Bondecor

Bondecor is my small art
Through art and beautiful handmade interior for the home I try to tell stories about the Nordic nature and it's beauty.

  • Nature

    I have always found peace in nature. Found inspiration. Found new energy.

    Found home when I've felt lost.
    I hope I can share my love for nature through my art. That I can inspire you to find peace in nature. To finde your inner child and run free.
    Take care of mother earth as she cares for us.

  • Colors

    I work primarily in soft colors inspired by the Nordic nature.

    The wool yarn I use for my artwork is all dyed with plants that you can find around in the nordic nature. I either dye my yarn myself or I buy nature dyed yarn from other very skilled women in Denmark.

  • Architect

    I have a
    background as an architect from The Royal Danish Academy of fine arts. And I
    guess some of my love for geometrical shapes often shines through in many of my
    art pieces.

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